Sing in English

In SING IN ENGLISH you will find basic vocabulary and verbs in short sentences.

The clear pronunciation and the short duration of the songs permit the child to learn and sing the songs from beginning to end.

Recomendado para niñas(os) de 3 a 6 años 

Recommended for children ages 3 to 6

Hello, hello

Sing in English

Los cuatro títulos de SING IN ENGLISH contienen 17 canciones originales en 17 categorías:

Greetings, body, hygiene, chores, house, family, pets, numbers, school, space, food, colors, farm animals, wild animals, insects, transport, lullaby's.

En SING IN ENGLISH encontrarás un vocabulario y verbos básicos con oraciones cortas 

La pronunciación clara y la duración de las canciones permite al niño poder cantarlas de principio a fin.


Demo songs Sing in English 1

Demo songs Sing in English 2

Demo songs Sing in English 3 

Demo songs Sing in English 4

Jump, jump, jump

Baby, where are you?

I am dressed

Who lives in this house?

That's my family

I have a dog

Mother cat

My backpack

Let's take a trip

I want to fly

Meal time


Milk and eggs

Boom, boom

Spider with five legs

Time for bed

Songs in English for Children. Each title contains 17 original songs in 17 categories: 

Click on title to hear the song

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escuchar la canción

To school

Both hands


My clothes

A little mouse

Here is my family

Little bird

Count to ten

I am happy to go

Toot, toot

I want to be an airplane


What color is it?

Do you know these sounds?

Big or little


I am tired

Have a good day


Quack, quack



My pet turtle

My cell phone

Blackboard and chalk

The metro

A butterfly


Stop, look and listen

Jumpity, jump

To the beach

Doctor, help me please


Good morning

Throw you a kiss


Home from school

My house

Busy all the time

My fish

Ten monkeys

In my classroom


I wish

I use them to eat


The rooster



Goodnight kiss


For Sing in English 1-2-3 

Greetings Saludos

Body Cuerpo

Hygiene Higiene

Clothes Ropa

House Casa

Family Familia

Pets Mascotas

Numbers Números

School Escuela

Transport Transporte

Space Espacio

Food Comida

Colors Colores

Farm animals Animales de granja

Wild animals Animales salvajes

Insects Insectos

Lullabys Arrullos


Sing in English 4

Greetings Saludos

Body Cuerpo

Hygiene Higiene

Clothes Ropa

Values Valores

Family Familia

Pets Mascotas

Numbers Números

School Escuela

Transport Transporte

Insects Insectos

Food Comida

The city La ciudad

Animals Animales 

Fun Diversión

Professions Profesión

Space Espacio